Thursday 24 January 2013

Lone Wolf: Flight from the Dark (Advertising, 1984)

While I'm busy with some other surprises I will probably publish in the next days, here's an advertising for the first Lone Wolf Game published in the 1984 to promote Flight from the Dark (ZX Spectrum). The total amount of games dedicated to Lone Wolf Gamebooks is restricted to three and only one of these was published on the C64 (Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death). This advertising, anyway, contains the original flavour of the popular Gamebook series and since I have always been a great fan of its illustrative style, I publish this lost double page ad with particular pleasure. 

Thursday 3 January 2013

Telengard (Commodore PET, 1981), Preserved.

During my Christmas break I had been looking around for copy of Telengard for PET but after few days of researches I realized that nothing was available on the web. When I was losing hope, for curiosity I reopened my Telengard boxed set and well, the PET version of Telengard was sitting on the same tape of the C64 one. It was just there, beside me. 

After few days of attempts yesterday night I've managed to dump a fully working copy of Telengard for PET usable on all the more common emulators like Vice; and, if you able it, you can transfer it on a support to make it working on your PET (good luck with that anyway). 

The game itself has the same structure and look & feel of the original one, apart from the fact that all the sprites are represented by basic symbols and lines. All colours, obviously, have been translated for the typical monochromatic and fascinating PET palette.

Main Screen

Name selection screen

Entering the Dungeon

Help Screen

The dumped copy is available for download here. If you experience any problem or glitch just let me know, I will try to sort it out.

Thanks to Ian Gledhill and his Ubercassette for the help.