Tuesday 17 July 2012

Temple of Terror, Advertising (1987)

Even if most of the Fighting Fantasy videogames produced were adventures and not CRPGs, I always liked all the related visuals and all the artists involved in the FF project. The advertising below is referred to Temple of Terror which was released for C64 (tape/disk), Spectrum 48k (tape) and Amstrad (tape/disk) in the 1987. The game itself was based on fourteenth Fighting Fantasy Book with the same name written by Ian Livingstone and it's nothing more than a text adventure.

From a visual point of view, the style of the illustration is pretty old school fantasy from the eighties/nineties, where a quite rich use of the colour was mixed wisely with the classic Western/European Medieval iconographical style. The artist name is Christos Achilleos who designed many of the FF artworks and related publications as well. 

Advert in a 1987 not confirmed Magazine showing the U.S. Gold/Adventure Soft (UK) release.


  1. I'm dying to have this game, i never heard about it before.

    Is there some chance to get it, i know there are some C64 emulators out there..please help.

    By the way, i'm very happy to see your blog at last! let me say that the image that you choose as your home page is beautiful, never change it! the layout is superb, and i love to learn about all these obscure fantasy video games gems...

    1. Thanks for your comment CL. I'm glad you like the look and feel of the blog and you know that I'm a big fun of yours as well. Keep going with all projects.

      In regards of the Temple of Terror, I just found one copy in Britain and it will posted on the blog next week I guess. It will be my new Acquisition.