Tuesday 18 September 2012

The Quest for Doriath, II. (†)

Tape image from the Museum of Computer Adventure Game History

Note: first two posts about The Quest for Doriath here and here.

I waited few days before giving you all an update, but sadly I have to say that all my efforts to contact Ian Gray and Lee Braine have been unsuccessful. However I finally found someone who owns an actual copy of Doriath, confirming me that it's a quite hard title to get.

Museum of Computer Adventure Game History, which is the most amazing CRPGs/Adventures Online Museum around, is the place you have to visit if you want to see a real copy of this game. In fact here you can find the scans of the inlay and tape.

Here's anyway, the state of the my research so far. 

Authors: Ian Gray, Lee Braine
Official Publication: 1985, Cassette Budget Version (Transparent Case) 
Official Publisher: Virgin/Rabbit.

Other Versions 
Disk Version: appeared in Italy under the name of Merlino on the Loving Disk Compilation 10. Merlino, anyway, is probably an unofficial/not licensed release of Doriath. (TBC)

Advertising: Probably never advertised (TBC).

Fanpage: Doriath Dungeon
Software: Gamebase64

However my research for is not over, I will continue my attempt to acquire and preserve another copy of this game and understand - possibly - why the circulation of the game is so low. Of course, any update will be posted here.

And as Fedora said somewhere else: You lost today, kid. But that doesn't mean you have to like it. 

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