Tuesday 4 September 2012

That belongs in a museum, I.

Museums dedicated to the videogame world are becoming - fortunately - more common. This morning, during a quick research I just stumbled on an interesting one based in Canada. Apparently you won't find only old machines but even an interesting amount of artifacts which should tickle the interest of every videogame historian or archaeologist. 

Here's a quick description of the The Personal Computer Museum taken from the official website: 

The Personal Computer Museum is open on select dates. Come and visit Brantford’s first computer museum, unique in all of South Western Ontario, Canada. We not only have computers but a large software library (with many video games), magazine and book collections and other interesting artifacts. Even the restoration of our building has a story, so come and see us soon! Fun for the whole family, first floor is wheelchair accessible.
We now have the largest known collection of computers in Canada, the largest known collection of video games in Canada, and the largest known collection of CED video discs (perhaps in the world!).

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