Saturday 30 June 2012

Again: Ultima II (Apple II), Ebay Auction.

Quite surprisingly here's another copy of Ultima II on Ebay just in few days.

Anyway this copy grabbed my attention because seems to be an interesting rarity.

According to the images provided from the seller (unfortunately very blurred) it's one of 1st edition copy, and as reported on the very accurate Ultima Collectors Guide here, it seems to correspond to the reality.
For the distribution of Ultima II Richard Garriott made a deal with Sierra On-Line as they were the only publisher that agreed to include a cloth map with each copy. The game was released under the 'Sierraventure' label and came in an over-sized box (about 9x11.5" / 23x29 cm) that contained the nicely printed game manual as well as the huge cloth map. The manual contained in the first editions was of slightly different design and of a more glossy, black & white print than those from later releases. It was accompanied by an error correction flyer indicating that this is indeed one of the first prints.
Source: Ultima Collectors Guide
The proof of the fact that copy is a real 1st edition is the small card that Origin contained in the box that the software house included due to the glitches suffered (apparently) in the documentation.

The image is really blurred and difficult to read but it's an interesting evidence of the real edition of the game.

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