Saturday 30 June 2012

Acquisition #001: Telengard, Commodore 64,1983

With a main focus on CRPGs, I will post under acquisitions all the new pieces of my personal collection. Telengard is the first one and even if it's not really a rarity it was an important piece of the CRPG history I wanted to see sitting with all rest of my collection.
Telengard is a computer-based video game that provides an early example of the dungeon crawl genre. The game, written in 1978 by Daniel Lawrence (1958–2010), was purchased by Avalon Hill in 1982 and made available on multiple computer platforms. These included the Commodore C64, the Apple II+, TRS-80, Atari 400 and Atari 800, and various IBM machines such as the IBM PCjr, and the IBM PC.[1] Telengard is available on Windows and many ports and emulations are available for modern computers and operating systems.Telengard, written from only 8 kilobytes of memory, offers no final solution for players. It simply provides a gaming platform for players to explore dungeons in real time. It has been referred to as a predecessor to Diablo, and is an early example of a roguelike video game.

Front, Close Up

Front, Top Close Up

Right End, Close Up

Left End, Close Up

Back, Bottom Close Up

Back, Top Close Up

Tape Niche

Tape Niche, Bottom Close Up

Avalon Hill Products Catalogue and Game Documentation

Poster, 30x50cm

Poster, Close Up
Back Side of the Box

Game Manual, Back Page

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